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Hotel Correra 241 Naples

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Reviews Recommended by 18 guests out of 21

Overall Hotel rating

  • Property facilities 4
    • Aspect and property quality 3.7
    • Room cleanliness 4.1
    • Room comfort 3.8
    • Hotel location (city centre or good connections to) 4.3
  • Service offered 3.8
    • Quality of the service and treatment 4
    • Professionalism of employees 4
    • Average satisfaction for the service received 4
    • Quality of breakfast 3.1
  • Balance between web presentation and reality 3.6
    • Property pictures 3.5
    • Room pictures 3.5
    • Available services 3.2
    • Distance from the centre and the main tourist attractions 4.1

Rating by type of Guests

  • Single traveller (5) 3.9
  • Couple (12) 3.8
  • Couple with children (1) 3.9
  • Business traveller (0) -
  • Group (3) 4.4
  • Legend
  • 1pt: bad
  • 2pt: average
  • 3pt: above average
  • 4pt: good
  • 5pt: excellent

Guest reviews with comments

  • 6 October 2016
    4.3 / 5 Good

    Anonymous (United Kingdom)Couple
  • 28 October 2012
    4.4 / 5 Good

    I used the underground to reach this hotel on Via Correra. Many locals don't recognise just Via Correra because the full name of the street is Francesco Savione (spelling may be off) Correra. So just be aware of that if you need directions. It is the first or second little street off Piazza Dante, very close to the Piazza on the V. Pessina going uphill to the Museo Nationale. WONDERFUL LOCATION TO SEE SO MUCH FABULOUS NAPLES LIFE, ART, BUILDINGS, ETC. About a E10 taxi to the Central Station for trains to Pompei and Sorrento.
    The hotel manager, a lovely lady called Gisella, does a wonderful job to make you welcome and help in any way. Good white wine on the little terrace and free Wi-Fi - even a communal laptop in the lobby.
    Am definitely going back to this hotel. As a mid 60's traveller, it was perfect.

    Susan Buckmaster (United Kingdom)Single traveller
  • 21 September 2012
    4.4 / 5 Good

    A great hotel near Piazza Dante with beautiful deco. A refreshing surprise after the two hotel I had stayed at in Naples a week before. An oasis in the middle of a very busy area! The receptionist was very kind and offered me a cup of tea whilst I waited for the room to be ready. Service with a smile, which can be somewhat rare in Naples these days....

    Shona from Uxbridge (United Kingdom)Single traveller
  • 19 June 2012
    4.2 / 5 Good

    Anonymous (United States)Group
  • 23 October 2011
    3.5 / 5 Good

    The hotel generally is nicely decorated, looks new and is clean. The room we stayed in was quite clostrophobic and cave-like with no natural sunlight and only a small window close to the ceiling so you couldn't look out. Also the internet connection wasn't very good and often would not work.

    Anonymous (Australia)Couple
  • 17 June 2011
    4.1 / 5 Good

    Anonymous (France)Group
  • 7 May 2011
    2.9 / 5 Above average

    Might recommend the hotel to others only if a short stay is planned - two days or so.
    Had to request toilet tissue and shampoo daily, and the breakfasts were abominable.

    Anonymous (United States)Couple
  • 24 April 2011
    3.9 / 5 Good

    Clean hotel, with a great location to central Naples. Walls between rooms need better soundproofing. Or perhaps more carpets to absorb sound. Breakfast was lovely, although I agree with a previous comment that a selection of cheeses would help those of us that don't have a sweet tooth.

    Gwen and Aspen (United States)Couple with children
  • 25 January 2011
    2.1 / 5 Average

    The room was very dirty and there was no cleaning service.

    Anonymous (Italy)Single traveller
  • 15 January 2010
    3.2 / 5 Above average

    Staff was not very welcoming, and they made us feel like we were imposing on them. Not very friendly; never once asked us how our vacation was going, nor offered any suggestions about things to do in Naples. We were the only guests in the hotel, and were quiet and didn't demand anything of them, so one would expect to be treated nicely, but this was not the case. The bed was the most uncomfortable bed I'm ever slept in at any hotel, and I had three nights of miserable sleep. I would still recommend this hotel-- simply for the price, room cleanliness, and decent location.

    Nikki (United States)Couple
  • 11 November 2009
    4.5 / 5 Excellent

    Gisella: wonderful woman. Naples can be tough on americans, even italo-americans like me. She truely welcomed us and made us feel at home. Answered all our questions and gave us great advice.

    Frank Ascoli (United States)Couple
  • 19 October 2009
    3.3 / 5 Above average

    Good place to stay, nice design, good rooms, but the rooms to the street are quite noisy.
    The location is perfect to explore the historic centre of naples!

    Anonymous (Germany)Couple
  • 24 July 2008
    4.1 / 5 Good

    Chris Hickman (United Kingdom)Single traveller
  • 1 July 2008
    4.8 / 5 Excellent

    A wonderful property run by young people who cared and nothing was to much trouble for them. Very well positioned to enjoy the sights of Naples, which I must say was a great suprise destination.

    Robert Clark (Australia)Group
  • 24 June 2008
    3.8 / 5 Good

    Reidar Valberg (Norway)Couple
  • 4 June 2008
    3.5 / 5 Good

    The front rooms are very noisy, another couple told us you don't hear anything at the back so ask for a quiet one.
    We had a problem with our cashpoint card and the staff couldn't have been more helpful in assisting us in contacting the bank etc. I thought the location was great for seeing Naples

    Anonymous (United Kingdom)Couple
  • 26 May 2008
    4.8 / 5 Excellent

    It was suggested that we ask for a 'quiet room please' when booking. This worked as we were given a very nice big, quiet room out the back. The staff were helpful. I would definitely come back and take the family room again. In our room, the 'double' bed was actually two singles joined together. (We were 'fleeced' at the airport as the taxi driver insisted on 30E when it should have been 16E, but we felt it was worth not having to lug cases round train stations). The hotel is in the crumbling back streets, but is actually very clean itself - and walkable to the sights or Metro. Brilliant outdoor cafe outside the nearby Square where we were plied with free starters and pastries freshly made. Try the fried squid/prawns, aubergine, pizzas.

    Anonymous (United Kingdom)Couple
  • 19 April 2008
    4.5 / 5 Excellent

    This hotel was an oasis in the centre of a crazy city! The staff were really friendly and couldn't do enough for you. The rooms were simple but comfortable, designed imaginitively and was exceptionally clean. Breakfast was basic (consisting of cereal/yoghurt/crossaints) but was well-presented in their art gallery-style lobby area. The hotel also has a roof terrace with wooden sofas and coffee tables which would be particularly appreciated in the warmer months. It's location was good, being a 2 minute walk to the Dante metro station, and a 10-minute walk to the Montesanto metro and funicular. To improve I would suggest placing a small table and a few chairs in the bedroom, and even offering an evening meal service considering the hotel's location in the noisy and chaotic spanish quarter. In short, Hotel Correra 241 was great value for money, has excellent service, but it's a shame it's located in such a mad city! However, if you're hell-bent on going to Naples, you can't do much better than staying here.

    Iain and Sian (United Kingdom)Couple
  • 2 January 2008
    2.4 / 5 Average

    1) The room (no. 108) was cold (27.12.2007-29.12.2007) despite the presense of an air conditioner. We were freezing. 2) In the bathroom, the water-outlet on the floor of the shower cabinet was not taking out the water, which was creating a pool of dirthy water inside the shower cabinet. 3) It was very noisy outside the window, even after midnight a group of scooter-street-strifers were gathering right below the window and were making terrible noises.

    Vardan Sevan (Norway)Couple
  • 18 December 2007
    4.8 / 5 Excellent

    Fantastic location, very close to Archeological Museum, Piazza Bellini (for restaurants/cafes), via Toledo. Gisella was extremely helpful getting information about visiting Campi Flegrei for us. Rooms were comfortable and good size, but noisy as the shutters didn't close properly - earplugs required.

    Anonymous (United Kingdom)Couple
  • 27 November 2007
    4.7 / 5 Excellent

    An excellent small hotel, ideally located in Centro Storico, friendly staff and very, very clean. I will definitely stay there again when visiting Naples.

    Anonymous (Italy)Single traveller

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